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Seo Freelancer in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, India, UK, US Hi, I am Srujan Shinde, SEO Freelancer from Mumbai, India. Welcome to my blog of internet marketing, affordable seo services. I have started this blog to create awarness of internet marketing for big and small business websites. And also to offer new webbies my professional Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social media marketing, Link building, Facebook Marketing, PPC advertising services with my affordable Monthly SEO Packages .

My experience for internet marketing is from last 4 years, working with an seo company located in Mumbai, India. Here we pratice cutting edge techniques to make your website search engine friendly and get good rankings in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. I believe in getting long term and stable resluts for your website by using white hat.
My main aim of creating this Website is offering all big and small business, professional Cheap Seo services at a cheaper rates in India.My freelance seo services helps you to design seo friendly website to get good rankings in search engines.I also suggest some small marketing techniques to get your website good traffic. So just owning a website is not enough, to get good business through your website you need to optimize it for search engines and also get high rankings and organic traffic to your website. For that you need to consult a SEO Freelancer and hire his professional seo services . Feel Free to ask a quote for your website and get it optimized for search engines. Also choose the suitable SEO Package as per your business need.
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April 16, 2014

Twitter has recently added Real Time Notifications on for those who have replied, favorited or retweeted one of your Tweets.

This will be easier for twitter users to keep track of the replied, favorited or retweeted Tweets without using a third-party software. Here is a screen shot of the notification:

Matt McGee (Editor-in-Chief at @MarketingLand) has also reported a new supported Twitter search feature, that lets you search by your Timelines and Lists. When you conduct a search on Twitter, you will see two more options for filters including timelines and your lists.

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December 11, 2013

Top 20 Pinging Sites for your Website/ Blog
Today i am going to share list of more than 20 online ping tools for website/ blog (also known as blog pingers) that will notify various search engine to crawl or index our domain or website inner pages, whenever you update your blog.

Online Multiple-Services Blog Pingers -

Alles Over Ping Service - This is a blog ping service that pings 7 web services. Service is available in Dutch and English.

AllPodcasts - AllPodcasts is a podcast ping service that pings your feed to 7 podcast directories.

Autopinger - This is what I call a ping service with a difference. Autopinger pings your blog at regular intervals so that you don't have to ping manually. It also displays the ping success rate of the sites it pings in percentages. Autopinger pings 25 English services and 19 non-English services. After a ping, it shows you the actual ping response from the services rather than a just success or failure report.

Blogblip - Currently sends pings to 45 web services. You can request addition of more directories to its list using the form on the site.

Blogflux Pinger - Pings 17 general services, 7 specialized services, 4 Japanese language services, and one service each in Chinese, Danish, French, German, and Spanish languages.

Feedburner Pingshot - If you are using Feedburner to burn RSS feeds for your blog, you can activate its Pingshot feature to ping web services automatically every time you update your blog. Feedburner Pingshot pings to 6 web services and you can add 5 more addresses to ping.

Feed Shark - Pings 16 services that accept blogs, 12 services that accept RSS feeds, and 8 services that accept podcasts. You can view your submission status on your current page itself.

iPings - iPings is a simple ping service that pings your feed to 32 web services.

King Ping - Just enter your blog URL at King Ping to have it submitted to 57 web services.

MyPageRank.Net Ping Service - Simple site that pings your site to 25 web services.

Pingates - Pingates pings your blog to 37 services.

Pingerati - You can use this unique service to ping non post information like contacts, events, job information, addresses, geolocations, etc. called microformats to services that accept these microformats like Eventful, Technorati, and Alexa.

Ping.In - Pings 37 general service sites, 12 non-English services, and 6 special services.

PingMyBlog - PingMyBlog pings the highest number of services - a whopping 68 search engines. You need to enter your blog name, URL, and feed (optional) to ping. Ping reports are available.

Pingoat - Pings 26 English search engines, 15 non-English search engines, and 9 special services. You add your blog name, url, and xml feed (optional) to ping. This service also features ping reports.

Ping-o-Blog - Ping-o-Blog sends pings to 18 general services.

Ping-o-Matic - Ping-o-Matic is one of the oldest blog ping services around. It pings to 17 general services and 5 specialized services. It says on the site that they regularly check the services to make sure they're legit and so though they ping to a few number of services, these services are the most important ones.

Pingsalot - Pingsalot pings your blog to 24 active servers. It checks your site URL for availability before pinging, and is your site fails to respond, pings are not sent out.

    pingws - pings your feed to 13 web services.
Miscellaneous Ping Tools

Pingomation - Pingomation can check if your blog has recently pinged Ping-o-Matic.

    sitemapr - If you have updated your blog's sitemap and want to ping the update, this is a tool you should use. pings Google, Yahoo!, and about your updated sitemap.


Twitbacker - Twitbacker is a service to ping your blog update to Twitter.

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December 7, 2013

Google announced last night a new feature within Google Webmaster Tools specific for tracking crawl errors on smartphones.
There is now a new filter within the crawl errors section of Google Webmaster Tools for Smartphone errors.

Here is a screen shot of the new filter in crawl errors within Webmaster Tools for Smartphone errors:
Smartphone Crawl Errors Added To Google Webmaster Tools
The errors include:
  • Server errors: A server error is when Googlebot got an HTTP error status code when it crawled the page.
  • Not found errors and soft 404s: A page can show a "not found" message to Googlebot, either by returning an HTTP 404 status code or when the page is detected as a soft error page.
  • Faulty redirects: A faulty redirect is a smartphone-specific error that occurs when a desktop page redirects smartphone users to a page that is not relevant to their query. A typical example is when all pages on the desktop site redirect smartphone users to the homepage of the smartphone-optimized site.
  • Blocked URLs: A blocked URL is when the site's robots.txt explicitly disallows crawling by Googlebot for smartphones. Typically, such smartphone-specific robots.txt disallow directives are erroneous. You should investigate your server configuration if you see blocked URLs reported in Webmaster Tools.
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Early this morning, Google pushed out a Google Toolbar PageRank update. This update shocked webmasters because no one expected it, at least not in 2013.
As you may remember, the last Toolbar PageRank update was over 10 months ago on February 4th. it was unusually for Google not to push out a PageRank update quarterly. Then Matt Cutts, Google's head of search spam, told us there won't be a PageRank update before 2014 
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October 2, 2013

HUMMINGBIRD- New Google Algorithm Update
On 26th September 2013 Google has announced its new algorithm update name HUMMINGBIRD. This is the biggest algorithm update since 12 years; Google has rewritten its search algorithm. Almost 90% of the search quires are affected after this update. Google has rewritten the search algorithm to provide better and most relevant results for complex search quires. Google said that they had rolled out this update a month back to see the results and test the search quires, but the official announcement was made on 26th September itself.


This new algorithm “HUMMINGBIRD” incorporates Google’s Knowledge Graph and a refine in semantic search index to provide better and relevant results for complex searches understanding the intent of the searcher. With the rapid growth of internet usage and the growing number of complex search quires, Google is trying to maintain its quality by providing accurate and most informative search results by understanding the intent of the searcher.

How This Algorithm will Work?

This algorithm will put less emphasis on matching the keywords in the page content and will focus more on the complete search quire performed by the searcher. This will match the intent of the searcher and provide the most relevant search results for him. So now focusing only keywords in the content will not work, you need to provide the best quality information in your content that a user is looking for.

Amit Singhal’s (The Senior Vice President of Google Search) Words on this Algorithm:
He Writes “Let’s day you want to compare two things; How much saturated fat is in butter versus olive oil? Now you can simply tell Google; Compare butter with olive oil. Our new comparison tool gives you new insights by letting you compose your own answer.”

What do You Understand from This?

After this algorithm update you need to focus on user expectation instead of search engine expectation. Means you need a content that is user friendly and not search engine friendly. You need to focus on the search query and not the keywords in your content. Also after this update it is now essential to optimize your website for mobile devices. As the aspect of “Compare Butter with Olive Oil” is more powerful with mobile as users can speak their search query and Google will then return even better results. Hence, mobile optimization is a vital part for the online marketers after this update.

Below mentioned is a checklist that I thought would we essential for every marketer that would help them from being affected by the new HUMMINGBIRD algorithm.

  1. Publish highly rich user generated content on your website with reviews, forums, discussions, Q&A’s that are more informative and useful for your user and mostly relevant to your topic with your keywords.
  2. Expand your keyword research and find more relevant search quires for your website content that are present online for discussions and reviews and try to incorporate it in your content.
  3. Connect your website content with all online users via social sharing or contributing on high authority blogs. Interact and get engaged in online discussions and try to create value for your content.
  4. Get connected with most known and well repudiated persons from your niche and try to build authority for yourself.
Generate engaging content for your target audience with appropriate content like videos, infographics, interviews, Q&A’s, contests etc. Be active on social platforms and try to create a good awareness for your brand.

Hope you all find the above data useful and informative and it helps you to plan your online marketing strategy according to the new update released by Google. If you have any quires related to this topic feel free to discuss with me in the below comment box, I shall try must best to answer your quires.

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September 21, 2013

Google and Bing behaves differently to Canonical Tags
search engine roundtable has an excellent post on the difference between how Google & Bing handle the canonical tag, something non of us really noticed before until he pointed it out.

The key differences are two fold:

(1) Mass use of the canonical tag and
(2) Canonical tag pointing to itself.

How does each engine differ?

(1) Google doesn't care if you use the canonical tag on hundreds or thousands of pages, where Bing says they will trust the tag less if you do.

(2) Google doesn't care if you link a canonical tag to the same page (i.e. a redirect back to the redirect), but Bing does and says don't do it.

These are very interesting distinctions between Bing.
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Prabhanjan Vartak- Proprietor, Manas Watertech Enggineers Pvt Ltd.
Srujan and his team really impressed us with their depth of knowledge in Search engine optimization, technical experience, designing skill. Now I am top in google search. Really it was nice job.
Paresh Doshi- CEO, Allure Medspa

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